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Your Source for Power and Information

The new Your Source campaign features customizable print, radio and video / tv advertising for Touchstone Energy cooperatives. These advertisements focus on messaging based on critical and important issues geared towards your members.


The themes that form the campaign are: “Service”, “Future”, “Trust”, “Renewables”, “Your Street” and “Voices”. Each theme resonates, and connects with your members in a positive way through the values that drive the cooperative difference.

Campaign Materials

Voices - "Renee"

Voices - "Trent"

Voices - "Jerry"

Voices - "Manny"

Future Generations - "Andy"

Future Generations - "Gary"

Modern Family

Favorite Thing


      1. Shareholders - 15s


      2. Shareholders - 15s (Alt)


      3. Shareholders - 30s


      4. Shareholders - 60s

Rain or Shine

      5. Rain or Shine - 15s


      6. Rain or Shine - 30s


      7. Rain or Shine - 60s

Me Too

      8. Me Too - 30s


      9. Me Too - 60s